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There are many ways we can protect production processes and production lines.
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We design and implement the optimal solution for every target.
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We install and maintain all our systems ourselves.

J&T Technology Oy

J&T Technology designs fire extinguishing systems for industrial production processes. We aim to detect and eliminate fire sources in production processes before a major fire occurs.

At its simplest, our extinguishing solution consists of a single automatic extinguisher or multiple units, which are controlled with the desired technique. We design and implement the optimal solution for every purpose.

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Adara Pakkaus Oy

Jari Konola

The system detected and extinguished a fire caused by a piece of cardboard that was stuck in the corrugated cardboard processing machine’s drying unit. After ventilating the hall and a bit of cleaning, about an hour after the incident, we were able to restart production. Before we had this system it could take up to 8 hours to clean up and fix all the parts after even a small fire.

BEWi M-Plast Oy

Martti Timonen

Our company makes extruded XPS insulation boards. The gas from the insulation boards can ignite spontaneously due to static electricity. The flame detector detects the fire and extinguishes it. The system can activate several times a day, very quickly, without affecting the production. We are very happy with the extinguishing system.

Kinnaskoski Oy

Jyri Nenonen

The extinguishing system covers our whole plant and has been proven to be excellent. The service and maintenance work excellently.