Adara pakkaus Oy

Fire protection for product lines that manufacture cardboard packages. Seventeen separate spark detector zones that monitor a Salgromatic aerosol-based extinguishing system for the product line and an Atexon water spray system for the ducts. All seventeen spark detectors function as independent units and are controlled by a VR18Z central unit.

BEWi M-Plast Oy

M-Plast Oy is a well-known insulation company that makes extruded XPS insulation boards. The production line, that has the latest technology, was protected with flame detectors and water extinguishers. The system can extinguish a fire several times a day, very quickly, without affecting production.

Kemin Energia Oy

We equipped the main and auxiliary heavy oil-fired boilers, engine generators and the pumping station with Salgromatic aerosol extinguishing systems, all of which are monitored and controlled by one Elotec control centre. Old CO2 systems were disposed of during the installation process.

Chemigate Oy

Chemigate is a Finnish-owned company that produces modified starch for various technical applications and a broad range of starch-based liquid cationic polymers. A spark detection system that controls an accompanying waterless Salgromatic extinguishing system.

Combimill sakala OÜ

The dry sorting system for the sawmill was protected with a spark detection system.

SIA Graanul Invest

A pellet factory that produces 180,000 tons of pellets every year. The production was equipped with spark detection and fire extinguishing systems.

Kauskote Oy

A subcontractor that mainly produces large volumes of CNC-machined parts. The CNC machine was equipped with an aerosol extinguishing system.


Data and auxiliary power facilities equipped with an Salgromatic aerosol extinguishing system and accompanying Elotec monitoring and control system.

Metsä Svir LLC

Metsä Svir sawmill, which is part of Metsä Fibre, is situated in the city of Podporozhye in the Leningrad region of Russia. The dry sorting system was equipped with a spark detection system and the saws were equipped with overheating protectors.

Oy Nordhydraulic Ab

The filter unit separating metal dust from air connected to the foundry that produces the Group’s own valve blocks was equipped with a fire detection system with both spark and heat detection systems and a two-phase, water-based direct-nozzle fire extinguishing system that ensures that no production disturbances will occur even when the system gets activated.

Combiwood Oü

The company produces painted wooden moldings. Combiwood produces 40 million running meters of mouldings annually. The sawdust removal system was protected with a spark detection and extinguishing system and an overheating protector.

Purkupiha Oy

Energy waste, wood waste and demolition waste is processed in the waste shredding plant into environment friendly fuel for the use of power plants. 2 crushing machines and 2 material handling machines were protected. With Salgromatic Aerosol fire suppression system.

Ab Raniplast Oy

One of the leading suppliers of plastic film in the Nordic countries. The factory’s paint processing and paint storage facilities were provided with additional protection using a Salgromatic aerosol fire extinguishing system, which is controlled by a control system produced by Elotec.

Styroplast Oy

EPS-insulation factory. The hot wire cutter line was protected using flame detectors and a carefully positioned water spray system. The line has three cutting units, which are separately protected. The central unit automatically shuts down the cutting line as needed.

Tikomet Oy

A company specialising in recycling hardmetal scrap produced in zinc processing. The metal dust extracted in the process is extremely flammable. The channelling system utilises spark detectors that detect sparks and prevent them from reaching the silo.

Metsä Wood

Suolahti coniferous and birch plywood mill. Protection of an outdoor sawdust removal system using spark detection and water-based extinguishing systems. The water-based extinguishing units are equipped with insulated and heated insulation bags as well as with insulated and trace-heated supply piping.

Vincom OÜ

Our product range includes finger jointed and glued components for moulding, window and door production companies. Sawdust removal system equipped with spark detection and fire extinguishing systems.

Vilenin leipomo Oy

The deep fryers of the bakery were equipped with an aerosol extinguishing system.